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Generation Impact Infographic

Generation Impact Infographic

Recent studies have shown a decline in employee engagement—particularly in the United States and many European Union nations. Measuring and managing the wrong or incomplete set of engagement drivers is mostly to blame. Engagement matters profoundly—but ONLY when it is measured correctly because it is the initial catalyst in achieving and sustaining business and operational excellence. Engagement metrics differ widely—ours harnesses significantly greater predictive power.

Take a look at our Generational Differences infographic and contact Gallagher Integrated to get in contact with an engagement consultant today.

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Chris Dustin

As the Managing Director & Senior Advisor of Engagement Surveys for Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., Chris Dustin conducts leadership presentations, training sessions, and workshops assisting and sharing best practices and strategic advice on how to improve overall business outcomes for clients.

Mr. Dustin has over 20 years of executive consulting experience, working with numerous organizations across a variety of industries in the analysis, guidance, and action planning on employee engagement ...

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David Rowlee


As the Managing Director & Practice Leader with the Employee Engagement Surveys service line for Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a part of the Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice, David Rowlee oversees a team of highly skilled researchers and ensures the delivery of leading edge measurement capabilities, advanced empirical analyses and innovative research studies to inform the operations and strategies of our clients.  David has more than 10 years of human capital research ...

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