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Happy New Year!
We introduce a new year of insights in our ELEMENTS newsletter.
In science, the “Periodic Table” provides information about the role and characteristics of many chemicals. In 1809, at least 47 elements were discovered, and scientists began to see patterns in the characteristics. In 2018, our newsletter, however, will only focus on three essential elements: BOARD risk (Br); EXECUTIVE consulting (Ec); and PHYSICIAN leadership (Pl).
We see these as three key elements in an organization’s journey to population health and accountable care. Our quarterly newsletter will offer practical ideas and tools for “Success at the Intersection” of the work of board, physician and administrative leaders.
For questions and comments, email Jim Rice, Editor and Managing Director, Governance and Leadership of Gallagher Integrated.
BOARD risk
Responding to Five Tough Board Risks in 2018
Successful board performance is enhanced when risks are identified and mitigated. This article identifies 15 strategies for enhanced governance in 2018.
industry insight:
Paul Kekley scans the 2018 health sector landscape to encourage boards and their leadership teams to prepare for some challenging “make or break” initiatives.  Learn more.
EXECUTIVE consulting
Scenario Based Planning Key to 2018 Success
Experienced executives look for practical ways to engage diverse stakeholders in their strategic planning. Scenario based planning is an effective way to maximize such stakeholder engagement.
industry Insight:
McKinsey cites the use and abuse of scenarios for organizational success.
Learn more.
PHYSICIAN leadership
Performance Planning and Reviews for Medical Directors
Explore the value of five actions to design and operate more effective medical director performance management.
industry insight:
A leading provider of performance management software provides practical insights that can shape your medical director performance management. Learn more.
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