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Governance Newsletter
APRIL 2018
BOARD risk
Board Portals & Governance Management Software
Over the past decade, one tool has become a valuable resource to support the journey from good-to-great healthcare system governance: the web based “board portal,” or board management software.
industry insight:
To maximize ROI on Board Portals, the agenda of board meetings should also be studied and streamlined.  Learn more.

Board support: Is it time for dedicated governance leadership? Learn more.
EXECUTIVE consulting
Mutual Mentoring: CEO and Chairperson Relationships
High performance health systems require positive and continuously enhanced collaboration between the Board Chairperson and the CEO. What are the factors that can frustrate or facilitate this collaboration?
industry Insight:
Board effectiveness is driven by wise Board Chairpersons who not only mentor their CEOs, but who are mentored by their CEO. The value of more broadly defined mentoring for boards is highlighted in this article:
Learn more.
PHYSICIAN leadership
Boards Support Provider Engagement
Alignment of recognition and reward incentives is optimized when physician engagement is supported to flourish from the intersection of physician engagement, leadership, and compensation.
industry insight:
Physicians and Advance Practice Providers are the focus of hospital investments into better engagement for better system performance.
Learn more.

A recent Becker’s article also provides useful insights to optimize provider engagement. Learn more.
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