Executive Compensation

Compensation designed to deliver leadership and sustainability

What is leadership worth? Stability, continuity of vision, bottom line results. Today, there is tension between attracting and keeping top talent but making sure compensation is appropriate for a company’s overall balance sheet. The Gallagher Executive Compensation Consulting team understands the complexities of this process. With benchmarking, experience and qualitative analysis, we help you build compensation packages that keep and attract the best leadership, and ultimately, promote profitability.

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More than experts. Partners.

Aligning executive pay with company performance is a universal challenge. All organizations — public, private, and non-profit — face the challenge of designing incentive programs that motivate desired employee behavior of key leaders — who are the most influential to driving any organization’s success.

Our senior consultants average twenty five years of consulting experience. As your partner, we work with you to assess and refine your executive compensation program annually. A high referral rate further demonstrates the value we deliver through a straightforward and constructive partnership.

Informed by experience, data-driven executive compensation programs

As a data-driven team, our executive compensation team researches and analyzes trends and behavior within the executive compensation field to ensure your key leadership has the right compensation programs that align to your organization’s goals. We focus our research and trend analysis on short-term and long-term incentive design practices, director pay, severance benefit practices including change in control, perquisites trends, and compensation philosophy. Our team has honed executive compensation expertise in industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, life sciences, technology and manufacturing.

We partner with boards of directors and senior management to ensure that their executive, board member, and broad-based employee compensation programs are competitively positioned, comply with regulatory requirements, support strategic business objectives, and are tax efficient. Our work across industries and companies include:

  • Compliance and Regulatory — Many companies are expanding operations, and industries are consolidating in both established and emerging markets. We help Boards understand current regulations and trends in executive pay. In addition, we work with you to ensure executives have a solid employment agreement in place to protect parties in the likely case of a strategic transaction.
  • Public companies — For a public company, the overall process of setting executive pay is complicated by increasing public scrutiny and emerging governance guidelines. We partner with you to design executive compensation programs that are competitive yet defensible to shareholders, regulators and employees. We help navigate voting campaigns, proxy advisor guidelines and other factors when designing incentive plans and overall compensation programs for public companies.
  • Long-term incentives for private companies — Private companies face a unique challenge when it comes to developing appropriate incentive programs, particularly long-term incentives. We partner with private companies to help design long-term incentive programs that use equity, pseudo-equity, or transaction-based vehicles to help increase their ability to attract and retain key employees, while rewarding for driving company success towards a planned exit.
  • Performance analysis — Using our data and proprietary tools, we are able to analyze your performance and compare your firm against your industry benchmarks including the compensation peer group.